Kinship carers care for children and young people when their birth parents are unable to care for the child themselves and they may be a relative or a family friend.

With changing and diverse family types in Scotland today, it is important to consider the different influences in young lives and the potential impact these may have on children and young people’s development.

You can also see some further information from Who Cares Scotland?, who are a national voluntary organisation, working with care experienced young people and care leavers across Scotland, explaining more about the work they do with Care Experienced individuals and why this is important.

  • Importance of professionals and carers/family working together for the child or young person
  • Living with a Grandparent/ Kinship Carer
  • Significant positive and negative influences – Routine/consistency/ kinship care/removal from mother/school/supervised visits to mother
  • Relationship with grandparents/mother/friends at school
  • Normative Development – Expected sequence of development for child aged 11 years, 3 months
  • Holistic development
  • Inter-relation and inter-action/nature-nurture
  • Observation methods
  • Primary school/ support in class – impact of these on child

Additional themes

  • Benefits of outdoor play
  • Importance of healthy eating
  • Related theories
  • Attachment Theory – Bowlby, Zeedyk, Ainsworth, Rutter
  • Play work theory – B.Hughes , Sturrock and Else (Play Cycle)
  • Social Learning Theory - Bandura/Vygotsky, Rogoff

Services for children: Education System, NHS, Voluntary:

Some of the professionals involved in Laura’s care could be:

There are many Strategies, initiatives and pieces of Legislation in Scotland that protect and promote the health and wellbeing of children in Scotland. Some of them include:


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Kinship Care

Further information on Care Experience

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