This video allows learners to follow the experiences of young children who attend an outdoor nursery, where the focus is on the natural environment and outdoor play. The children have opportunity to visit the beach and go on nature walks on a regular basis, and are encouraged to explore the world around them.

The children at this nursery spend a lot of their time in the garden, where they can play, grown vegetables, experience insects and weather. They often have lunch outdoors, which staff can cook over the safe fire pit, which fuels interest and excitement

The children are actively encouraged to participate in the planning and evaluation of the activities within the nursery. This is considered essential in helping the children build bonds and relationships with all of the children and people involved in the life of the nursery.

  • Role of Early Years Centre/Outdoor Nursery
  • Outdoor play
  • Role of Key Worker
  • Influences on development (parents/siblings/opportunity/ outdoor nursery/healthy eating/ability to make choices/new experiences/play)
  • Opportunity for play/new experiences
  • Services
  • Expected sequence of development relevant to age of child/children
  • Normative development
  • Observation/Assessment methods

Additional Themes

  • Services available to young children: Education Services and supporting services ( including private and voluntary provision), NHS, including specialist Services
  • Professionals involved – can include Nursery Teacher, practitioner, key worker, Health visitor, home link worker, educational visitor, speech and language therapists

Strategies/initiatives that support early learning and childcare include:

  • Identification of relevant theory, related to age
  • Suzanne Zeedyk
  • Mia Kellmer Pringle
  • Social learning theory
Outdoor Nursery

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