This video allows learners to follow the experiences of children who attend a busy Local Authority Nursery.

When at the Nursery, the children are involved in free play, outdoor play and structured play. The children are actively involved in the planning cycle of the nursery and encouraged to negotiate their choices of activity planning.

Being involved in the planning of the nursery allows the children to build a sense of belonging and assists with relationships in the Nursery. The children also make use of technology within their learning and are encouraged to use this independently.

The free access to the resources in the nursery promotes choice and opportunity for further exploration. The children are encouraged to take risks in their play as the Nursery believes this promotes resilience in children and assists future development.

  • Normative Development – Expected sequence of development
  • Holistic development
  • Inter-relation and inter-action/nature-nurture
  • Observation methods
  • Nursery and transition – impact of these on child
  • Influences – Routine/consistency/ opportunity to play/ new experiences
  • Literacy opportunities
  • Opportunity for play
  • Use of technology for children
  • Observation/Assessment methods

  • Additional themes

  • Services for children aged 3-5 yrs Education Services and supporting services ( including private and voluntary provision), Nursery, NHS, including specialist Services, visiting professionals/artists
  • Professionals involved – Nursery teacher/Early Years Practitioner/Health Visitor/G.P.
  • Identifying influences – positive and negatives

  • Theories

  • Play – Bruce, Athey, Sylva
  • Social and Emotional development – Erikson, Zeedyke, Bowlby
  • Behaviour – Bandura, Skinner, Vygotsky, Rogoff
  • Cognitive – Vygotsky, Brunner
  • Language and literacy – Whitehead, Buckley, Trevarthen

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